The Acarix Project

An example on research is the Acoustic CADScore, which is a method for diagnosis of coronary artery disease based on advanced signal processing of heart sounds. Together with Samuel’s co-student Claus Graff he started the research as a master student, this leads to a Ph.D. project and later to a 2 million euro grant from Coloplast A/S and The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.

In 2009 the research and collaboration with Coloplast A/S resulted in the establishment of the spin-off company Acarix A/S, headed by Peter Samuelsen and Claus Bo Vöge Christensen. Acarix has raised double-digit million euros in venture capital and went public in December 2016.  Now the Acoustic CADScor device is CE approved and sales started in late spring 2017.

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